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In a world where global business is thinking hard about sustainable and responsible futures, the well-being of their people and the very best way to create a client experience that reflects this provides a challenge for leaders that is more significant than ever.

It is not going to get any easier, enlightened leaders, shareholders and investors are seeking a better way to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders in a rapidly changing world.

It’s time to start with a different kind of conversation!


Strategic Account Leadership 2.0

Strategic Account Leadership is Ohten’s foundation program. It is now over a decade in development and has helped over 500 of Ohten’s client account leadership teams to add over $1bn to their revenues and created more purposeful and meaningful relationships between some of the world’s largest organisations.

Strategic Ecosystem Partnering


Strategic Ecosystem Partnering

We have a unique approach to bringing two organisations together to see a future built together around a co-created vision of what the highest potential could be within that ecosystem. Already proven to deliver $100m’s of unseen potential in large strategic relationships our approach can be deployed quickly to respond to today’s heavily disrupted economic landscape.

Ecosystem mentoring/coaching


Ecosystem mentoring/coaching and non-exec support

Increasingly market-leading businesses recognise they are a contributor to and depend on the health of the industry ecosystem they operate within. A new awareness of what it will take to shape cultures and leaders to thrive in this complex web of interdependencies is opening up. Ohten’s leaders have worked with some of the world’s leading academics, change makers and senior executives on this agenda.

Eco Tribe Mobile


Eco Tribe

Over the past decade we have worked with some of the world’s most insightful, purposeful and wonderful people. We are being asked how can individuals stay connected to the work Ohten has brought to their professional lives on a more individual level.

Ohten Open


Ohten Open

We are committed to bringing what we have learned and what we are exploring to those less able to access programs from a funding perspective.